Avril Leonard




Sessions are for 50 minutes and are weekly or more frequently. I offer an initial 1 hour meeting to explore your current difficulties, which also helps you to decide if you think and feel we can work together. We would then agree a session time that is convenient for you, how frequently we would meet and over what period of time. The frequency and length of therapy depends primarily on your motivation, how deep-seated your difficulties are and what you want to get from therapy.


I charge £60 per session including the initial 1 hour consultation. We will agree the same weekly allotted appointment time for as long as you want it. I charge for missed sessions other than in exceptional circumstances. I usually take 2 weeks holiday at Christmas, 1 week at Easter and 4/5 additional weeks throughout the year. I will give you notice of these breaks.

I write to your GP to inform him or her when you start and end therapy. A referral from your GP is not necessary. Confidentiality is assured other than where there is a significant risk to yourself or others. In this exceptional case I will fully discuss the way forward with you.